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Enable: The Path to Competency and Productivity

Thoughtwav's Partner Lifecycle Management Process



Once onboarding is complete, focus can shift to ensuring partners actively and progressively increase their knowledge and skills, and cultivate the market opportunities identified in their Partner Business Plan.


Effective enablement is customized by partner, drawing from a menu of knowledge and skills-building resources appropriate for their business and market opportunity, that typically involve:

  • Individual and company technical training/certification paths

  • Vertical market and/or technology solution sets

  • Solution sales training/certification paths


The challenge is to ensure that enablement happens consistently without drowning your channel team. We can help you map out the appropriate pathways for partner enablement based on your channel objectives and partner characteristics, and define the process to ensure your partners and channel team stay on track. We've also designed and delivered a wide range of resources to support the enablement process, including:

  • Training and certification programs

  • Communications programs (including both traditional and social media)

  • Sales programs: deal registration, incentive and end-customer promotions

  • Marketing skills development programs

As partners increase their competency in your line, they will increasingly warrant your attention and investment in marketing and sales.

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