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Go-to-Market Strategy

Go-to-Market Strategy is the result of your decisions around three key questions:

  • What will you sell​?

  • Who will you sell it to?

  • How will you sell it?​


​Thoughtwav's Go-to-Market methodology drives discovery and decision making though a four-step process that answers those questions and documents the results in an actionable plan.  The results are tangible:

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  • Channel conflict

  • Cost

  • Risk


  • Time-to-market

  • Customer & partner satisfaction

  • Brand perception

"Thoughtwav helped us clearly identify and segment Avaya's partner channels through creation of a custom Avaya Channel Blueprint.  The Blueprint provided a detailed profile of each channel business model and the markets served, including core competencies, financial models and current market dynamics.  Having a Channel Blueprint enabled Avaya to better understand how to develop compelling business propositions to our key segments."


Eileen Corrigan, Sr. Director WW Channels, Avaya

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Market Segmentation / Analysis

  • What is the target market and size of opportunity?

  • What is the compelling business problem solved?

  • Where and how does the customer prefer to buy?

  • How are competitors affecting the market?

Whole Product

  • What makes up the complete customer solution?​

  • Which portions should your partners provide?

Channel Blueprint​

  • Which partner types serve the desired market and are ​capable of meeting customer needs?

  • Which partners will make the greatest impact most cost effectively?

Business Proposition

  • Is the product or service "Channel Ready"?

  • Is the market opportunity and financial offer compelling?

  • What will a partner have to invest to gain traction?

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