Market and Sell: Growing a Recurring Revenue Stream

Thoughtwav's Partner Lifecycle Management Process



In the end, it all comes down to revenue.  Once a partner is onboarded and has completed baseline enablement, the appropriate marketing and sales support investments must be made in order to create a "selling machine" that delivers a recurring revenue stream.


Most suppliers provide marketing funds (in the form of MDF or Co-op) and sales incentives and promotions, but few truly empower their partners to:

  • Engage prospects and nurture sales-ready leads through a targeted marketing plan, tools and resources.

  • Convert those sales-ready leads to revenue with high-impact sales tools and opportunity management resources.

Our team can accelerate your development and organization of the right selection of marketing and sales resources for your partners, drawing on a considerable portfolio of experience that includes development of:

  • Vertical market and horizontal technology playbooks

  • Joint marketing and sales planning toolkits

  • Interactive ROI, TCO and other analytical sales tools

  • Sales conversation and buyer's journey models

  • "In-a-box" marketing and sales kits

  • Partner collaboration resources for multi-partner solution sets

After the partnership is fully prepared and productive, it's critical to periodically review the state of the partnership and maximize the efficiency of the selling relationship.