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Market Research

Successful business and channel strategies are grounded in an awareness of three key factors:​

  • The wants and needs of your customers and prospects​

  • The objectives and motivations of your partners

  • The actions and impact of your competitors​


Thoughtwav conducts custom research targeted at these three audiences, to direct or support business and channel strategies with objective, up-to-date information. We use a variety of research methods including online surveys, telephone interviews and focus groups.


With research results in hand, you’re ready to build or revise your go-to-market plan. Learn more about our Go-to-Market Strategy services.

“The Thoughtwav team applied their market research expertise to run a nearly turnkey program of global customer/client, partner and prospect research. The team collected and interpreted knowledge and data that Symantec/MessageLabs did not possess internally, enabling informed decision making with regards to business, product and channel strategies. Research went deep to understand the "why" of audience responses, enabling targeted actions within the company to improve our offering and our relationships with customer and partners.”


Daren Lewis, formerly Principal Strategic Planning Specialist

Symantec SMB & .cloud Strategic Marketing

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Customers and Prospects

  • Customer Satisfaction Benchmark / Tracking (CSAT)

  • Brand and Demand Benchmark / Tracking


  • Partner Satisfaction Benchmark / Tracking (PSAT)

  • Rapid Partner Feedback / Opinion Surveys

Best Practices

Competitive research strategies should vary according to specific requirements. We pride ourselves in gathering the data that you need in a way that compliments your business.

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