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Onboard: Key Milestones for the Short-term

Thoughtwav's Partner Lifecycle Mangement Process



A quick ramp is crucial to any successful partnership. Well-defined onboarding prepares each new partner with the basic knowledge and skills to credibly represent your product or service. 


Onboarding should touch all the related functions of the partner's business and typically includes initial business planning, education and operational connections, as well as induction into your partner program.








Our team can help define the process and specify the tools you'll need for consistent and reliable onboarding, including:

  • Onboarding checklists

  • Partner Business Plan template

  • 'Quick Start' resources, including videos, on-demand webinars and guides


We're ready to help you work through the tangle of 'tools' that may already exist, and develop or update those tools you need to to fill gaps. 






With the basics in place, you're ready to engage partners in longer-term enablement, helping them to fully develop or extend their technical, sales and marketing competency to your product line.

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