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Partner Lifecycle Management: The Glue of Partner Development

As a channel sales or marketing executive, have you ever:

  • Built a channel from scratch, to deliver a reliable revenue stream? 

  • Inherited an underperforming channel, and had to boost productivity?

  • Engaged new kinds of partners for a different or changing product line?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, you know that while signing partners is easy, making them productive takes work. Savvy channel leaders also know that ramping productivity takes time, and that every worthwhile partnership moves through a progression as a partner signs on, gains knowledge and skills, and becomes a reliable contributor.


What many companies lack is a deliberate, effective and repeatable way to identify and recruit high-potential partners, and then develop and manage those partners to maximize their potential. A development framework that:

  • Integrates the partner with sales, operations, and with your partner program.

  • Applies a consistent process and toolset, that organizes and utilizes development resources efficiently.

  • Defines a clear role for distribution partners, to maximize their value.

  • Is adaptable for different types of partners and their unique business requirements.

Thoughtwav Partner Lifecycle Management Process



We call this framework the Partner Lifecycle, and it's the basis for everything we do. At Thoughtwav, we’re experts on all elements of the Partner Lifecycle. We help leading as well as emerging companies define, develop and bring together the pieces of their own Partner Lifecycle, empowering their partners to build sustainable revenue streams.   If you'd like to learn more about how Thoughtwav can help you maximize your Partner Lifecycle, explore the underlying components of the Partner Lifecycle graphic, or contact us for more information.

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