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Recruit: Partner Coverage & Capacity to Meet Business Objectives

Thoughtwav Partner Lifecycle Management Process



Building, reenergizing or expanding partner channels requires a clear understanding of the types of partners needed to meet business objectives, and a clear plan to recruit and develop them.


Partners come in many shapes and sizes bringing a variety of skills and solutions capability, and different degrees of market leadership and presence.  Recruitment is about finding, selecting and engaging the right portfolio of partners to grow existing markets or penetrate new ones.


Thoughtwav uses a proprietary toolset, customized for each client, to evaluate coverage, capacity and capability of the partner portfolio against clearly identified channel business objectives, identifying gaps in the portfolio and opportunities for growth.  We work with our clients to target and qualify desireable partner prospects, then identify and align business objectives in preparation for a formal partnership.


Strategic and effective partner recruitment sets the groundwork for the Partner Lifecycle development that will ensure those newly recruited partners are prepared and productive.  The newly recruited partner's first step in that lifecycle is onboarding, as you ramp that partner toward delivering a reliable revenue steam.

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