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Review: Evaluating, Renewing and Prioritizing Partnerships

Thoughtwav's Partner Lifecycle Management Process



Over time, individual partners become highly productive, reach plateaus or decline as revenue contributors.  Their success, both in the market and as valued partners, can be influenced, but not controlled.  Effective partner management requires an understanding of why a partner either succeeds or fails to achieve partnership goals, and the willingness to make plan adjustments with individual partners or across the portfolio.


A periodic review of each partner's business / marketing plan and sales history is an opportunity to look back while looking forward -- to reward successes, identify new opportunities or to make adjustments for underperformance -- and by doing so reenergize the partner's enablement, marketing and sales investments.


Thoughtwav helps channel management teams develop the tools, process and discipline needed to:

  • Evaluate partner performance against plan

  • Identify new opportunities

  • Update and revise planning documents to ensure accuracy and relevance


By looking at partners both individually and collectively, channel teams can better understand the coverage and capacity of their partner portfolios, and so make revisions to thier recruitment and development plans in order to meet future sales goals.

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