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Structured 1:1 Networking (S1:1N)

Whether you're looking to encourage interaction between channel partners at a conference or between sponsors and attendees at an industry event, Speed Networking is a​​ fun and easy way to encourage quality dialogue.​

Thoughtwav hosts turn-key S1:1N sessions with an important twist -- participant interests are qualified and matched in advance of the event, so that each participant is assured of quality conversations instead of haphazard matches.  This extra efforts pays off for participants who walk away with new industry contacts and business opportunities.

Thoughtwav's S1:1N is unique:

  • Not just an event icebreaker; encourages real business dialogue​.

  • Participants are matched in advance to ensure a high percentage of productive meetings; each participant has a meeting schedule for the session​​​​​​​​​​​.

  • Completely turnkey once participants are registered by the event sponsor​​.

Check out where we're ​​​​hosting S1:1N sessions​, or ​​​​contact us​ for more information!​

“Thoughtwav’s unique “Structured Networking” approach put American Barcode and RFID in touch with two (2) separate strategic ISV relationships that have resulted in hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in new business. The methodology works and the partnerships have continued to grow year after year!”


Michael E. Stryczek, CEO
American Barcode and RFID

"Structured Networking has added a new level of interaction to our industry events. Thoughtwav handles the entire session from soup to nuts: profiling participant interests, mapping out the individual meetings, and hosting the sessions. The only thing we do is signup the participants. Response from event sponsors and attendees alike has been excellent!"​


Albert Guffanti, Publisher

Vertical Systems Reseller,

Consumer Goods Technology

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